Thanksgiving Table & Decor Ideas

When you’re planning your Thanksgiving feast, you’ll want to set a festive table for everyone (including yourself) to enjoy. Something rustic, elegant, cozy and inviting. Thanksgiving dinner is a holiday we food lovers look forward to — and setting the table with your own stylish flair gives family and friends a reason to linger over each dish.

Want a casual yet pretty table? Pick flowers from your garden or forage wild blooms as you take a walk before guests arrive. If there’s no time and you’re too busy in the kitchen, send the kids or a friend outside to find something pretty to decorate the table with. Apples, pears, a bouquet of flowers– it doesn’t have to be fancy to be beautiful.

A relaxed table with simple linens or a plain white cotton tablecloth shows off the vibrant colors and textures of food, keeping everything simple to set the stage for your beautiful feast. Also, if anyone spills, save yourself the fuss: just go to a fabric shop for a swath of soft muslin rather than an expensive table covering and a costly cleaning bill.

P.S.– the salt trick works, just in case you do want to get those wine stains out. Just sprinkle it with table salt or use that big container of fine sea salt that you’ve forgotten about since you prefer gourmet sea salts. Pour on a pile of salt and let it absorb the liquid, then sweep away the salt before the stain dries. Pre-treat it with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide to make sure the stain is removed from the fabric. Wash immediately.

flatware, French

French antique flatware, photo: @eddieross

Feel like bringing out the fancy flatware? Elegance is a worn patina on your utensils paired with a beautiful table setting. Mismatched spoons, forks and knives add charm and personality to your table. Use twine and dried flowers for napkin ties. If you choose to make more formal place settings, try craft paper with handwritten names using a felt tip calligraphy pen. A bowl of fresh blooms instead of a towering bouquet gives an ease to the tablescape.

table, table setting

photo via Chairish, Athena Calderone


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