Smoothie Goals: Make These and Get Glowing

Smoothies can be magical. A green smoothie in the morning is a good way to get some quality nutrition. Have a raw cacao banana smoothie for when your head says eat kale but your body says eat chocolate. You can get a good dose of plant-based protein, fat and fiber with some beauty boosting superfood powders like açai, goji berry, maca root and greens. Drink it down and you’re downright glowing. Make it rich like a milkshake using coconut and cashews for extra creamy taste and texture, or go for the greens and refresh.

Here are some beautiful smoothies to give you inspiration:

smoothie, plant-based, vegan, smoothies

chocolate cacao banana oat smoothie jar by @oatmeal_stories

Magda of @oatmeal_stories blended a few tablespoons of oats with 2 bananas, 5 small dates, vanilla, coconut milk and raw cacao powder to make this luscious looking smoothie, umm… dessert!

smoothie, smoothies, banana, banana smoothie

banana smoothie magic by @veganlov

This magical smoothie by Anna of @veganlov blends chocolate and banana in the most amazing way. Banana and chocolate: two ingredients that are meant to go together.

smoothies, berry smoothies

berry smoothies by @mylifeisdelicious

For me? Oh, thank you so much! Look at these gorgeous bottles brimming with berry smoothie by Nadja of @mylifeisdelicious in Zurich.

smoothie, smoothies

Tutti Frutti smoothie by @talinegabriel

Tutti Frutti smoothie by @talinegabriel who launched her Hippie Lane cookbook and app! Dig into her profile and get inspired. She makes fresh and colorful whole plant-based smoothies (and more) like this pastel rainbow blend up.

smoothies, green smoothies

green smoothies by @miss_gruenkern

Green smoothies by Ronja @miss_gruenkern bursting with lively ingredients: spinach, banana, mango, matcha and mint. Doesn’t that sound refreshing?

green smoothie, smoothie

green smoothie with granola by @grubwithanindianabroad

This smoothie by Devinder Oberoi @grubwithanindianabroad has juicy blueberries, spinach, maple syrup, cinnamon, ginger, coconut water and lime juice all topped up with Heike’s @tastyasheck granola.

*featured photo on main cover: @talinegabriel 

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