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Alison Wu, Wu Haus

The pastel-hued aesthetics of Alison Wu, recipe developer, health, wellness and lifestyle blogger based in Portland, Oregon, is one of relaxed and clean editorial vibes. Alison is a food, prop and wardrobe stylist, and style is her daily thing. Wu Haus is her main website. Alison’s Instagram account is a beautifully arranged display of food posts (some with a description of recipe-inspiring ingredients), mostly of smoothies and salads, occasionally a yoga pose, dappled rainbow light, ethereal crystals, a post here and there of her fluffy cat, and houseplants that she names (like Shiloh the Peruvian Apple Cactus), all gracing her Instagram feed.

Alison Wu, Wu Haus, Instagram

Salads that dazzle and layered smoothies that delight, her posts keep us totally engaged with some pretty stunning food styling and pro-quality photography, while adding in some balanced wellness tips, thoughts and guidance with her captions. Alison keeps it both personal and positive, with no great claims to living a vegan lifestyle — having once lived a vegetarian lifestyle for over 15 years — she is holistic in her health and wellness approach as a thoughtful yogi omnivore.

“Each of us are on our own unique journey, learning from our own experiences and figuring out what works best for us. Including figuring out what foods make us feel our best.”

Alison is better known as The Smoothie Queen —  if you are not yet familiar with her smoothies, take a scroll through her feed and you will understand why. They are luscious works of smoothie art.

Alison’s Instagram features organic produce, pops of color, delicate textures, and the most gorgeous layered smoothies ever!

salad, watermelon, Alison Wu, Wu Haus

There are a few of Alison Wu’s salads that give us the summertime feels, and her Salted Watermelon, Black Rice, Sesame and Mint Salad is a winning combination of savory, summery and sweet.

Watermelon, Black Rice, Sesame + Mint Salad

[Serves 2-4]

4 cups seedless watermelon, balled
1 teaspoon black lava salt
1 1/2 cups cooked black rice
1 jalapeño, finely chopped
1/2 cup mint, torn into pieces
2 Tablespoons lime juice
1 Tablespoon toasted sesame oil
To garnish: sesame seeds

1.) Using a melon baller, ball the watermelon. Remove as many white seeds as you can. Place in large mixing bowl. Add black lava salt and gently toss to coat. Set aside.

2.) Prep the jalapeño and mint. Whisk together the lime juice and sesame oil in a small bowl.

3.) In a serving bowl or tray, gently toss together the salted watermelon, black rice, jalapeño and mint as you slowly drizzle in the sesame-lime dressing. Garnish with sesame seeds, and enjoy!

Visit Wu Haus for more recipes and wellness inspiration.


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