These Raw Vegan Cheesecake Mandalas Raise Good Food Vibrations

@stephenmccarty raw vegan cheesecake mandala

Stephen McCarty of Sukhavati Raw Desserts makes plant-based cheesecakes into living edible mandalas, giving the phrase live raw foods a deeper meaning, or shall we say, vibration. Each purely vegan cheesecake is made with whole raw ingredients– nut butters, coconut, almonds, dates, cashews, almond milk, coconut oil, and biodynamic cacao from his local Los Angeles chocolate source, ZenBunni.

photo from @stephenmccarty on Instagram: Fond memories of the #rawvegancheesecake I made for my soul mate @prismofthreads on her birthday! Rainbow layers for the rainbow queen of my heart!

Stephen’s process of creating a personalized cake begins with looking at a photo of the person to read their aura. An artistic process, it can take approximately four hours to make one cheesecake, as each individual cake requires the kind of intense spiritual focus a Tibetan Buddhist monk gives a sand-painted mandala. In fact, the Buddhist approach to painting sand mandalas comes close to the kind of artistry each cheesecake requires. Both are an act of meditation, healing and spiritual practice of accepting the impermanence of existence. A sand mandala is swept away once finished, a vegan cheesecake mandala is eaten.

raw vegan cheesecake

@stephenmccarty : In the midst of chaos, a single molecule radiates love. Thus, the world is transformed. A banana, almond butter, cacao #rawvegancheesecake I made for the soul sister and water protector @mookiando. Thanks for being an inspiration! 🙏🏻🍌🐒

The plant-based cheesecakes are created with vivid all-natural colors obtained from spices and foods like turmeric (yellow-orange), goji berries (red-orange), dragonfruit (reddish-pink), blueberry juice (blue-purple), blue spirulina, matcha (green), as well as other colorful plant-sourced ingredients. Spirulina, wheatgrass and turmeric can create another green as well, all mixed with a blonde coconut nectar used for the vegan frosting. And that’s the just icing on the cake.

A sand mandala is swept away once finished, a vegan cheesecake mandala is eaten. Each are beautiful and divine in their creation.

@stephenmccarty Instagram collage

The beauty and kaleidoscopic magic of each cake transcends the edible and transforms food into a higher consciousness form of art. Stephen and his wife, Tracy Conti McCarty, artist and vintage clothing ‘huntress’ of Prism of Threads (her vintage clothing line) bring vibrant color to the world with their parallel artistry and talents.

@stephenmccarty cheesecake mandalas

You can discover more of these cosmic cheesecakes on Stephen’s Instagram. His magnificent plant-based cakes have graced the birthdays of many celebrities, such as Lana del Rey, John Mayer, and Miley Cyrus, as well as many others that appreciate the unique edible creations for celebrating love and life.

Stephen with his ‘solar return’ birthday cake for @lanadelrey



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