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But First, Starry Night

A woman from a Dutch painting is your barista and Van Gogh just made your latte art. Sip your post-modern coffee with Japanese graphic artist Shusaku Takaoka¬†and enter a new era of modern Instagram art. …


Beautiful Superfood Lattes

Here are some beautiful lattes to inspire your day. We found superfood lattes such as golden milk (or turmeric tea), lavender lattes, rose lattes, iced matcha coconut lattes and dandelion lattes to awaken your senses. …

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6 Nourishing Buddha Bowls for Wellness

Here’s where wellness meets goodness: inside a bowl! These six nourishing bowlfuls are the inspiration we need to make all of those veggies and whole grains mingle magically together. Plant-based proteins such as tempeh and …