But First, Starry Night

latte, shusaku takaoka, van gogh

A woman from a Dutch painting is your barista and Van Gogh just made your latte art. Sip your post-modern coffee with Japanese graphic artist Shusaku Takaoka and enter a new era of modern Instagram art.

Though we’ve only shared the latte art and Starbucks-meets-famous-Dutch-artists in this post, you can explore more on Instagram. You’ll find that Vincent van Gogh is quite a hipster, and The Girl with a Pearl Earring is a millennial style blogger. Oh and they’re each other’s bae.

starbucks cafe, van gogh, shusaku takaoka

Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous paintings, Café Terrace at Night (1888), is transformed into a Starbucks patio.

vermeer, latte, art, shusaku takaoka

If you have enough time to wait, pour-over coffee is prepared by a Woman Holding a Balance, painted in 1664 by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer.

latte, art, latte art, starbucks, vermeer, shusaku takaoka

Perfecting the fine art of the latte takes a Milkmaid from Delft. This historical and modern blend is not your basic half-caff latte art. We aren’t sure if she got your name right on the to-go cup, but go ahead and see more of artist Shusaku Takaoka’s Instagram art while you are waiting in line.



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