Jovi Mø of Earth Fawn on Noodles, Cooking and Living a Vegan Lifestyle

Australian plant-based Instagram blogger Jovi Mø of @earthfawn is on the top of our list of favorite vegan accounts. Her vibrant bowls full of earthy nutrition makes us feel as though she’s in our kitchen cooking up something comforting to share. Here and there as we scroll through pretty noodle bowls decked out with tofu, we also get little a peek at Jovi’s personal life via her Instagram feed, and it makes us want to know her better.

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Jovi’s noodle bowls, homemade dumplings, veggie sushi and soups are all beautifully styled in a balanced yin-yang fashion (usually with a pair of wooden chopsticks, halved limes and edible flowers). We get the feeling that no matter what she makes, it tastes just as good as it looks, or quite possibly even more delicious. So we asked Jovi all about her home cooking and a little bit more about her Earth Fawn ways…

noodles, @earthfawn, vegan, plant-based noodlesWhat inspires you in the kitchen? 

My biggest inspiration is making food for the people I love. Developing flavour combinations that are interesting and make people smile has always fulfilled me within and inspires me to want to make more. I also draw inspiration from nature, Mother Earth, and living a cruelty-free lifestyle. I love showing people how easy, delicious, and healthy it is to eat vegan.

rainbow noodles, noodles, zoodles, @earthfawn What are some of your favorite food combinations and ingredients?

Give me Thai flavours any day of the week! Lime, coriander and lots of hot chilli. I love all types of Asian food, especially Chinese. Working with different types of mushrooms can bring out a lot of creativity. I also adore Indian food — I love working with mustard seeds and spices like turmeric and cinnamon.

Where did you grow up and what were your early food influences?

I grew up in Hong Kong which is why I am so fond of Chinese food. Since I’ve become vegan I’ve really enjoyed veganising my favourite Chinese dishes that I used to love to much as a child. My heritage is Russian/Scottish and I remember the smell of my Grandmother’s pirozhki (a pocket of dough filed with meat) which brings me back to my childhood. I would like to experiment with making vegan Russian food in the future.

vegan, dumplings, @earthfawnWhat are your favorite things to eat? (we suspect noodles…)

My favourite things to eat are noodles! Rice noodles, soba noodles, udon noodles, pasta noodles, even zoodles! Something about eating noodles just makes me happy. I make noodles so much that my husband, Emerald, looks forward to days when I don’t cook noodles!

@earthfawn, noodles, vegan, singapore noodles, vegan noodlesWhat drew you to Instagram?

I started my instagram account when I began my vegan journey. It was more of a place where I could keep track of the dishes I was learning to make. I never thought it would grow, but when it started to, I was motivated to share my recipes with more people, and now I’m even in the process of writing an ebook with 50 of my best recipes.

@earthfawn, Jovi Mø, Earth FawnYou practice yoga… what are your daily routines that keep you connected and focused?

I wouldn’t be able to live without my yoga practice. It, in a sense, is my form of meditation for me. It centres and focuses me. It also helps me keep fit, as the classes I go to are based around a steady, challenging flow. When I’m feeling unmotivated to go (I usually have to force myself to) I’m always glad that I did afterwards.

Jovi Mø, Earth Fawn, @earthfawnYour early cooking experiences? Did anyone teach you?

Would you believe that a few years ago I barely knew how to make pasta? When I met Emerald and while I was a transitioning vegan, we cooked together a lot. I owe him a lot of credit for teaching me the basics. From there on I grew such a passion for cooking that I excelled beyond his capabilities and tease him about it sometimes.

Best cooking and/or food memory:

I think my best cooking memories are my fails. I say this because my journey has never been perfect and there have been many times that a dish has turned out the opposite of how I wanted. Flavours, combinations of things, they sometimes just don’t work out, and that’s okay! It’s these experiences that have encouraged me to try harder, and to never give up on my passion.

vegan sushi, @earthfawn, Jovi MøWhat is always found in your kitchen (ingredients, tools, etc.)

I actually use very simple tools: give me a wok, a pot, a sharp knife and we’re on! I don’t feel the need to use fancy equipment like dehydrators or air fryers. For me, the simpler the better.

Tell us more about your cookbook… 

I’m about at the midway point of my book. The release date is June 19th of this year, my birthday. The idea began last year when people kept asking me for my recipes. I put so much energy and effort into them that I decided to compile them into a book. I decided to focus on savoury vegan dinner recipes, as that’s what I love to cook the most. I started by writing out rough drafts of each recipe, and am now in the process of testing each one by making it step by step, then editing to correct any mistake of an amount of something etc. The last step is to photograph the dishes for the book. This has probably been the most challenging part for me because I have never used a professional camera before. All of the photos on my Instagram were taken with my phone up until I got my camera recently. I have an editor helping me formulate the proper grammar and spelling for each recipe and I also have someone who is helping me put the whole book together when everything is done. I am so excited to share it with the world!

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