The Avocado Show: An All Avocado Restaurant in Amsterdam

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Avocado is everything. Avocado buns by @fooddeco

For those who love and obsess over avocados, we have some deliciously good news: Europe’s first all-avocado restaurant is opening in Amsterdam, and it’s already a big hit with #avocado lovers on Instagram and beyond.

In the chic De Pijp neighborhood of Amsterdam, three restauranteurs are set to open an all-avocado restaurant called The Avocado Show.

This new cafe concept by avocado aficionados Julien Zaal, Jaimie van Heije and Ron Simpson will serve avocado dishes daily from breakfast (a.k.a. avocado toast time) to dinner, including late night snacks for the clubbing crowd in Amsterdam.

The Avocado Show, avocado bar, avocado restaurant

The Avocado Show photo: @floortjeloves

If you search #avocado on Instagram, you’ll find over 5,479,543+ posts containing the beloved green fruit. (There’s no shortage of avocado lovers out there.)

Avocado is pretty perfect with everything. Photo: @fooddeco (photographer Colette Dike)

Chef and co-owner Jaimie van Heije serves up fine cuisine in his own restaurant located nearby in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. Though his own restaurant serves elegant fine dining dishes that are not all-avo focused, there is a sudden influence of avocado on his culinary Instagram page.

avocado, The Avocado Show, Chef Jaimie van Heije

Avocado is everywhere, even on Chef @jaimievanheije’s Instagram.

The Avocado Show Instagram page is bursting with luscious avocado posts from Amsterdam-based photographer/stylist Colette DikeFood Deco – @fooddeco ) who just published a book titled Avocado.

AVOCADO by food photographer Colette Dike of @fooddeco

The restaurant’s pre-opening had a successful win when 11,000 contestants registered lottery style via website for an exclusive tasting session before the official opening. The lucky 40 winners (including a few Instagram bloggers) were obviously pleased-as-avos and ready to eat everything avocado. The menu will have avocado burgers, avocado ice cream, chocolate-avocado smoothies, and breaded & baked avocado nuggets with dip, among other dishes featuring avocado.

The Avocado Show, avocado, avocado bar, avocado restaurant, Europe's first all avocado restaurant

Blogger Floortje @floortjeloves loves The Avocado Show

The Avocado Show

The guys behind The Avocado Show: @ronsimpson @jaimievanheije @julienclv

We asked partner Ron Simpson of The Avocado Show about all things avocado

List du Jour:  What inspired all three partners to open an all avocado restaurant?

Ron Simpson: Well, all three of us really love avocados. Julien and I wanted to open a restaurant as friends, but as marketeers we also wanted to find something special. Once we had the idea, we went to the best man for the job: Chef Jaimie van Heije. He showed us exactly how versatile and yummy avocados can be. The rest is history.

LdJ:  If it’s an all-avocado menu, is it considered a plant-based restaurant? Will you have other dishes on the menu (non-vegan/vegetarian)?

RS: We have something for every diet, as we like to offer a flexible menu. Next to all our vegan and veggie options we have a salmon, chicken and a burger dish.

LdJ: How will the restaurant keep stock of ripe avocados and what source/from where will the avocados come from?

RS: Thanks to our partnership with Nature’s Pride we have ready-to-eat avocados everyday that are traded in a sustainable and socially responsible manner. As avocados are a seasonal product, they get them from multiple countries like Chile, Peru, South Africa and Spain.

LdJ: When is your official opening date? People were already camping out in front of your restaurant for the private tasting. We avocado lovers just can’t wait. 

RS: Unofficially we opened already for lunch, and I think we will officially open on April 3rd. That will give us enough time to improve everything that gets us closer to perfect.

LdJ: Do you have a menu to share with us?

RS: As we are still in our testing phase, you will have to wait just a little bit longer, sorry! We are still trying different dishes to find the perfect balance.

LdJ: Will you have special menu offerings for weekend brunch and late night snacks?

RS: Yes, we will have a schmancy brunch and a fancy brunch option. One option is an easy going food and drinks menu, the other fancy brunch option has specials served with champagne. The late night snacks and dinner option will kick in a few weeks later.

LdJ: Can you share a little bit more information about each partner? We know that Jaimie van Heije is a chef with other restaurants, what are the other partners’ culinary backgrounds (including yourself), if any?

Why avocados?

RS: Jaimie van Heije is known for his own restaurant and of course MOON. He is a sneaker addict that translates colors and textures into his culinary creations. He’s amazing.

Julien Zaal is known for his concept events like rooftop movie nights, dinner parties, festivals and club nights. He loves viral marketing too. And food. And his brother is a chef. He is also a-ma-zing.

I have a long history in marketing for the world’s biggest and smallest brands, storytelling and concepting. I have an extensive cocktails and hospitality background as well.

Because, Avocados. They are so yummy and nutritious, so versatile and photogenic, so loved and so green. Avocados just have it all.

LdJ: We are so excited about The Avocado Show, a trip to Amsterdam to taste everything avocado just might be worth a trip (we’re here in Los Angeles, so that’s saying quite a lot from the land of avocado toast). Congratulations on opening The Avocado Show!

The Avocado Show

The Avocado Show, Daniël Stalpertstraat 57HS, 1072 XB Amsterdam, De Pijp


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