Avocado Goals! Why You Need More Avocados In Your Life


avocado fruit carving by @gakugakugakugakugaku1

Avocados are still a thing. Yeah, avocado toast haters gonna hate, but there’s more to the avocado than making fancy avocado roses. You know, dear avocado lover, beautifying skin benefits come with each bite. They are also good for your heart health, containing minerals, vitamins and more.

As a self-proclaimed avocado lover, I can personally attest to the beauty benefits from eating this glorious green buttery fruit. (Seriously, I cannot live without avocado in my life. I’ve tried to curb my intake of avocados, but… I live in California, and there’s so many avocados to eat!) I’ve noticed that my skin looks fresh, plump and radiant when I eat avocados on the daily, but it’s not just the nutrition that makes the avocado one of my favorite fruits. I crave the taste of its luxurious flavor and texture.

avocado, avocado toast

avocado toast goals @anna.culina

Why are avocados are so amazing? For one, they act as a nutrient booster by helping your body absorb fat-soluble nutrients in foods that are eaten with avocado. Secondly, they taste buttery-rich and make the best plant-based chocolate pudding. More reasons to love the avocado!

avocado, avocado toast

avocado toast with flowers by @anna.peltzer

Avocados are versatile: great on salads, sandwiches (toasts!), and even blended inside smoothies. We searched for the most beautiful avocado images on Instagram and found an all-avocado restaurant in Amsterdam called The Avocado Show. Yes, there are plenty of ways to love the avocado, so here’s some visual inspiration to make your avocado fantasies come true.

avocado. avocado rose

avocado rose by @boxofspice

avocado rose by @happyfruitlife

Avocado roses are an art form that look so intricate and impossibly beautiful, but it’s not too difficult once you get the hang of it. Try out your own avocado rose at home. We followed a tutorial that made it a cinch to learn. If you don’t get the avocado rose the first time, you can still eat your tasty mishaps! Keep trying and share on Instagram with Bettina’s Kitchen via her @AvoDaily account for avocado lovers.

avocado, avocado toast, avocados

avocado bowl by @anna.peltzer


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